Letters to the Editor: Birds of Praise from the Raptor Center

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to thank you for The Mining Journal’s editorial of Aug. 19 in which you expressed support for the work we do at the Chocolay Raptor Center. Actually, this thank you goes to all of the good coverage The Mining Journal, and broadcast media, have given to our Center since we started work with the birds in 2012. Your good coverage of the work we do has helped to generate strong community support for our work.

Actually, we will take advantage of this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who has supported our work: the many individual donors who contribute funds, the community organizations and foundations that contribute funds, the volunteers who help out at the Center when needed, the volunteers who transport eagles to licensed centers for rehab, and the community generally for your strong support. We are a non-profit with no paid employees so it is your donations of time and money that allow us to help the birds.

Thank you from all of us. It is for the birds.



Co-founders and Directors of the Chocolay Raptor Center, Harvey