Letters to the Editor: Something must replace ACA

To the Journal editor:

I recently retired from the LS&I Railroad. While employed at the LS&I, I paid $228 a month, out of pocket, for what is by today’s standards, a very good health care plan.

I am 62-years old, had less than 30-years of service with the LS&I and for that reason I could not stay on their health care plan until I am eligible for Medicare.

My wife and I turned to the Affordable Care Act for coverage. We chose a plan that cost us $162.00 a month with $1,800 deductible yearly for each of us.

It is not as good as the union-negotiated plan I had at the railroad but it is affordable health care.

Now, our newly elected congressman, Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, and his fellow Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Congressman Bergman, why do you want to take away my health care and what are you offering as a replacement?

Wally Tuccini