Letters to the Editor: Leadership needed

To the Journal editor:

Senator Stabenow (and Peters), and all Democratic Party representatives, our democratic republic needs a dynamic loyal opposition so the ideas of all leaders can be improved and our nation be protected. Your position is vital.

Your current obstructionism is not helping us achieve national security, however. A full three weeks into his presidency and President Trump still does not have an administration in place!

Our enemies are rejoicing! How can the leaders of this nation act in unity in case of a devastating attack? Your behavior suggests strongly that it is more important to you to harm Trump than to protect US citizens.

Where was all this righteous anger when Hillary’s unsecured emails were uncovered? Or her lies about the “offensive movie” being the trigger to start the Benghazi attack? Etc, etc, etc. There were so many outrageous and criminal acts committed by her with silence from you.

After enduring the contentious election of last year, continuing the war is profoundly frustrating. We elected Trump. Do your best to help him preside. Give him a chance. We voters are utterly fed up with the collective tantrums.

Please demonstrate being loyal to this nation as you work to clarify your opposition to the leaders we have elected to lead from the front of the pack. If it continues to be more important to destroy or invalidate our elected president than to protect this nation, please resign. Turn in your keys and go home. More of this type of leadership we do not need.

Lynn P. Hansen, LCSW (ret.)