Letters to the Editor: County GOP should banish Adamini

To the Journal editor:

Donald Trump’s election has encouraged and apparently licensed the most degrading and irresponsible political speech.

We had a bitter taste of that here in Marquette this past week from Dan Adamini. His reckless and mean-spirited social media comment, “Time for another Kent State perhaps…” was so alarming because, in a social environment this toxic, with guns so numerous, it is a direct incitement to violence.

The broad and swift condemnation of Adamini’s comment is a tribute to the sensibility and sensitivity of our community. Adamini’s response to the criticism is wholly inadequate. More is required and the community has a right to demand it.

Adamini is not an ordinary citizen spewing his garbage on Facebook. This man … holds a leadership position with a shamed Marquette County Republican Party. He should be removed from his political post.

Members of the County Republican Party should have the decency and respect for our community to censure this man. Their failure to do so is an endorsement.

Fred Kotler