Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bullying must be stopped

To the Journal editor:

Have you been bullied before? I have and I know it doesn’t feel good. I know we can stop it together. Here are my three reasons why you should not bully. First of all studies have been shown that the leading cause of death for children under 14 is to commit suicide. Second bullying can make it hard to sleep, cause depression and lead to bad grades. Lastly 160,000 students miss school a day due to bullying.

Remember when I mentioned 14-year-olds and under commit suicide? It is true. Do you know 4,400 people kill themselves a year because of bullying? And maybe people should just stop bullying because it has gone way too far.

I also mentioned that it can cause depression and make it hard to sleep and can lead to bad grades. To the point where they could maybe get held back a grade. And then they won’t be with their friend and that might make the situation worse.

And the last thing I mentioned was 160,000 miss school a year. They are too afraid to come to school because of the bully. The reason they are afraid to come to school — they think the bully will hit her or him.

Thanks for reading my letter. I hope I have convinced you not to bully.

Allison Brassard