Adamini off base in ‘Kent State’ posts

To the Journal editor:

As a resident of Marquette, young activist, and field coordinator for the U.P. Regional Labor Federation, I feel the need to condemn the statements made by Dan Adamini last week calling for “another Kent State” and declaring that “one bullet stops a lot of thuggery.”

Unlike an ordinary citizen posting on social media, Adamini (held) a leadership position with the Marquette County Republican Party and (formerly hosted) a local radio show on WDMJ-AM.

The reckless and malicious statements made by Adamini openly advocated for violence or murder as a possible response to student protests. To even suggest the Kent State horror as a response is unconscionable. Adamini rightfully backtracked on these statements as a response to widespread criticism and stated that he intended the posts to quell violence rather than incite more. But all the back-peddling in the world cannot rationalize what Mr. Adamini said. The community cannot and should not accept this as sufficient.

All politics aside, our community deserves someone who can engage the community around transformative intersectional work towards disrupting cycles of oppression.

The community does not need incendiary comments tossed around, and least of all, we don’t need a public leader advocating for violence or murder as a possible response to protests.

Members of the Marquette County Republican Party should have the decency and respect for our community to censure Adamini.

And I ask others to join me in delivering this message to WDMJ-AM and to a sponsor of his radio show, “In the Right Mind.”

Contact Sovereign Communications at 906-225-1313. Tell them to do the right thing: Show Adamini the door. Thank you for standing up with me!

Katie Barglind