Thanks given

To the Journal editor:

While reading The Mining Journal one early summer day in 2013 my wife noticed an announcement placed by the Northern Michigan University Volunteer Center looking to assist a veteran with home repairs or improvements.

As a World War II veteran who still lives at home with my wife, we have struggled in recent years in keeping up with some of the maintenance of our home.

Wells Fargo, together with NMU, partnered to provide money and volunteers who painted our home and garage, replaced doors, provided insulation and planted a flower garden.

We wish to thank the following groups involved in making this happen – NMU Volunteer Center, NMU Volunteer Constructors, Wells Fargo Volunteers, and a special thank you to Wells Fargo Bank for the financial grant making this all possible.

All of the volunteer workers involved were enjoyable to have around and the work provided was excellent.

We are extremely grateful for the improvements to the home we have lived in for the past 40-plus years, and will remember the friendship and assistance provided by Carrie, Rachael, Seth, Hannah and Sarah throughout this process.

A big heartfelt thank you from

Robert H. Peterson

World War II veteran

and wife, Loretta