Supports Dr. Dan

To the Journal editor:

There are few things more frustrating than when the government imposes new regulations on hardworking Americans which have a noticeable effect on their lives.

Yet, once again, this is exactly what is happening. The EPA has taken it upon themselves to impose new restrictions on wood burning stoves in a desperate effort to pacify the radical tree hugger environmentalists.

These new rules, however, do not come cheaply: many people both throughout the United States and in Michigan rely on wood burning stoves to heat their homes.

These EPA regulations mean that around eighty percent of wood burning stoves will be rendered obsolete, and individuals will be unable to sell or trade them, even if they are trying to get a more efficient model that does meet the new restrictions.

With the people of Michigan screaming to be heard in Washington, Dr. Dan Benishek is listening and speaking up on their behalf. He strongly opposes the EPA rules and is making the voice of Michiganders heard in Washington.

Bradley C. Kitada