Pemble challenged

To the Journal editor:

In his July 13 guest op-ed, Charles Pemble outlines why he’s tired of the public outcry surrounding Mr. Brown’s “ouster from liturgical ministry.”

He misses (or ignores) an important issue which is likely a source of some of the “armchair theologian” feedback. It is not an issue about the definition of sin. It isn’t even the “judgmentalism” of the church.

Most folks would agree that a religion has the right to require certain behavioral standards of their followers. It is the arrogance and hypocrisy of a church that for decades tacitly condoned pedophilia and rejects a loving adult partnership that incites.

Mr. Brown has been banned from acting as an acolyte or lector. How many of the pedophile priests were banned from administering the sacraments after they were quietly “reassigned”?

And by the way, congratulations, Mr. Pemble, on adding “armchair theologian” to your “self-proclaimed evangelical, ecumenical, Roman Catholic” status.

Veronica Varney



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