Love the trucks

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to mention a positive encounter which I have experienced nearly daily during the past month. I am referring to the M.J. VanDamme trucks which I see on Marquette County roads.

The new trucks with double, side-dumping trailers are a sight to see. Despite hauling aggregate daily to and through construction sites, the trucks are always washed and shiny – glistening! The drivers are highly competent, courteous and professional in every way.

It is my understanding the trucks were purchased in the U.P. (Iron Mountain) and operate from the VanDamme trucking facilities at K.I. Sawyer. To my surprise, the trucks all have Michigan license plates … unlike other large local trucking operations.

The VanDamme family has made numerous, positive contributions to the Marquette County community over an appreciable period of time.

I want to say congratulations to Mike VanDamme, Jim Delmont, their families and their dedicated family of employees. M.J. VanDamme Trucking is truly a pure Michigan company – even better – a pure Upper Peninsula company.

Russell E. Davis