Jesus loves all

To the Journal editor:

Wally Tuccini’s letter to the editor was wonderful.

I, too, was born and raised a Catholic. Attended Catholic school until the eighth grade. Never once do I remember any teaching nor gospels proclaimed that Jesus said anything about homosexuality.

I was taught that God was almighty, all merciful and all forgiving and that all of his children (us) were made in the image and likeness of him. God would never turn anyone away from his love, his church!

Bobby Brown is sweet, kind, generous, loving and has a God gifted singing voice.

I was a nurse for 33 years and I believe that it is scientifically known; we humans are made up RNA and DNA chromosomes create everything that we individually become. DNA mutations can occur.

This can cause a child to be born with no arms/legs, be handicapped, be Down’s Syndrome, M.S., ALS, etcetera, and whether we will be born with DNA and RNA creates us to be homosexual/lesbian or transgender. These humans know they are different from a very young age – it is what they are! If they choose to marry, they should not be punished – St. Mike’s is losing.

Yes, Wally, Jesus loves all his children and does not care about an individual’s sexuality! Even our new Pope Francis does not object!

Pattie Wilkinson



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