It’s still genocide

To the Journal editor:

President Carter raised a stir by titling his book, “Peace Not Apartheid.” When I read it almost 10 years ago, it opened my eyes to a situation that I, like most Americans, had avoided. Since then I’ve been to Israel/Palestine, read extensively and struggled with what the media wants to call moral equivalency.

With the latest attacks on Gaza and in the West Bank, I’ve come to the conclusion that President Carter was wrong; he didn’t go far enough. What we’re seeing is rolling genocide. Sometimes, like now, it heats up, other times it is business as usual.

Our tax dollars to the tune of $3 billion per year in direct aid and another $7 billion in indirect aid to other Middle Eastern countries to keep them on the side lines, go to suppressing a people whose only crime was to live on land others coveted.

There is no moral equivalence in what is happening to Gaza and the West Bank, it’s genocide, the systematic oppression and killing of a people.

After Hitler, the West said never again.

Sarah Redmond

Au Train