Don’t risk school

To the Journal editor:

Dear Powell Township/Big Bay residents, please vote yes on August 5 to keep Powell Township School.

All school districts in Michigan have to achieve a yes on this vote in order to keep their schools open beyond 2014. This vote is a renewal of the funding the state of Michigan provides for schools.

If this vote does not pass in 2014, Powell Township School will close. And if the school closes, you will still have to pay these non-homestead taxes to the school district that Powell Township students are sent to, but you’ll have an empty school in your neighborhood, a loss of employment for many residents and Big Bay will never be the same.

Please don’t let that happen to our children, families and community of Powell Township School and Big Bay. Please vote yes on Aug. 5 to save Powell Township School.

Powell Township School is a magical place for children to learn and grow in a special environment. Incredible learning happens at PTS due to the small class sizes, which are so crucial to a child’s education.

PTS is literally the center of Big Bay and serves as a resource in many ways such as a community events building, an employer, an entertainment center, and much more. Students at PTS enjoy hands-on learning outside as well as inside.

They take a one-mile walk every day before school, they skate on the school ice rink all winter and go on nature hikes, ski trips and snowshoe hikes to learn about the world around them, they collaborate with Bay Cliff Health Camp, and one of most important things I’ve witnessed at PTS is how the students accept and support each other.

This winter I attended their school musical which the whole community played a part in and I was amazed and proud of the talent that this little school community produced. Powell Township School is a wonderful school for our students, families and community. Please vote yes on Aug. 5 to save Powell Township School.

Michelle Gill