City off base

To the Journal editor:

I’m writing about the Marquette City Commission’s perceived concern for safety regarding Lundin Mining trucks and their biased position on the company hauling through the city.

On any given day, materials hauled out of We Energies can be … many loads per day. This does not include the dozens of other trucks that pass through the route unrestricted. However, the city thinks Lundin’s trucks are unsafe and they must pay to use public roads.

What is it about their 40 or so loads per day makes them so unsafe they need to charge them for doing business in our community. Is this equal protection under law? I don’t think so!

The city may consider putting in a toll booth; what’s good for the goose must be good for the gander. It is my opinion that the city’s oppressive actions are, at minimum, selective enforcement of the ordinance.

Jim Blondeau