Big Bang explained

To the Journal editor:

We all have what we call imagination. Let’s go back to where mine starts. Matter that can be changed into energy, also energy into matter. I’m going to walk you through where we all started to where we are at now. Matter welded itself together.

One day it broke apart and went opposite of each other. When it was unsuccessful they reversed direction and came together. That’s where we all started. Science calls it the “Big Bang.” We all helped build the cosmos. After we finished we became restless and unmanageable. Nature marched us all down a long ladder where we all were told we are going to a bad place. When we took on form it was obvious we were in Hell.

But at that moment Nature gave us our own God and told us our chances of returning to the higher dimension will be based on how good we make our own God. We were also told most of us would be sent back and each time it would be harder to return to Heaven. Dying was no problem because we belong to a chemical formula.

P.S. It’s hard for a small mind to comprehend a big story. Don’t give up. Keep trying to come home.


Grand Haven