Anger voiced

To the Journal editor:

After reading Jeff Prusi’s scathing letter to the editor on the terrible threat our nation faces from the evil Tea Party, and those who ascribe to its views, I think I’ll apply to the Koch Brothers for a check.

Can we really get money for daring to express our opposition to some of the government’s misuse of the money we send them to conduct our business?

No mention is made, of course, about the multi-millions the opposition gets from George Soros, the Hollywood left or the unions that fleece their members for “donations” to any and all liberal candidates. I have probably seen a more complete load of hogwash in my life, but not lately.

As a proud conservative who supported many deserving Democrats over the years, I remain independent. I resent being called a hypocrite and all the other vile names he brings up, and can’t help but wonder what traumatic event led to his poisonous tirade against anyone who fails to drink the “progressive” Kool-Aid.

By the way, the “T.E.A.” stands for “Taxed Enough Already,” and it’s not a political party. Oh, and if you’re going to quote Limbaugh, do it correctly: It’s “low-information voters,” not “no-information,” and refers to those who don’t take time to become informed on the issues facing our nation, instead blindly accepting every word that emanates from the White House and the admittedly left-wing major media.

His vitriolic attack against everyone not inside the progressive tent is unseemly and misdirected against ordinary people who are sick of executive over reach into their daily lives.

Notice that I have not brought President Obama’s name into the mix, but after almost six years of his administration and Democratic control over both houses of Congress for a good part of that time, isn’t it about time they stop blaming Bush and the Republicans for the mess we’re in and accept at least a bit of the responsibility

Bush – and the Republicans preceding him – seemed to inherit blame for all the problems of the nation during their terms; maybe it’s different when a Democrat occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and the buck doesn’t stop there any more.

One gets tired of hearing and reading the same old talking points repeated ad nauseam regardless of their falseness, and the American people are beginning to recognize that the emperor truly has no clothes.

Let us remember these things in November.

Thomas F. Sharland