Taking gloves off

To the Journal editor:

The letter to the editor in the The Mining Journal on April 3 from Walter Orlowski prompts me to write. This fellow says he strongly supports a working democracy yet says that the 2.7 million Michigan voters who voted down same-sex marriage are wrong.

What? Isn’t that vote democracy at work? My following comments are not going to be about gay marriage, but about the tiresome, ongoing characterization of Conservatives by Liberals.

Let’s see if I can offer a counter characterization of Liberals. Liberals are lazy, loud, ill-mannered, intolerant, hypocritical, enviro-extremist, PC, amoral, pot-smoking old hippies. They are at best naive and at worst plain foolish. They are anti-American having no educated knowledge of what America is other than an address.

Liberals are anti-defense believing that criminals and illegal immigrants need understanding; and that if we are nice to our global enemies they will be nice to us. Foolishness. Liberals are pro workers i.e. unions which, coupled with extreme environmentalism, chase manufacturing and energy production out of the U.S. and into other countries (who are glad to relieve us of your responsibility for ourselves and take our money). The largest industry in the U.S. is now tourism (with low paying, temporary jobs).

Liberals cry when we go to war to protect American interests abroad that is oil, but Liberals won’t allow energy production here at home that involves oil, gas, coal or wood. Sun? Nice thought. Wind? Not in my backyard (wind turbines are not pretty).

Liberal backyards – we are all supposed to become back yard farmers and kitchen canners now. Never mind that the Industrial Revolution brought an end to our agri-society and personal survival skills and introduced our very fine food distribution system to everyone everywhere.

Infanticide. That’s what it is. Liberals support it especially the women. I’d say Liberals are waging a war on children calling it women’s “rights.” Conservatives call this couples’ irresponsibility and convenience.

When Liberals get what they think is a good idea, they want to make it law for everyone. If they don’t get their way, they get their 4 Ds going: Demean, Divide, Deflect, Distract (Laura Ingraham).

Liberals call Conservatives obstructionists. Well, yeah. We don’t want all the dopey ideas to become the law of the land. This is a Democracy, remember?

So if you’re a Liberal I hope my letter makes you plenty mad. You’ve made me plenty mad by getting away with destructive gibberish for way too long.

It is time for Conservatives to get in the ring and stop being polite.

Leslie White