Help appreciated

To the Journal editor:

Great Lakes Recovery Centers would like to thank the Marquette General Health System for their recent donation of furniture.

Items included were beds, waiting room chairs, office furniture, filing cabinets and more. This donation will be used to enhance GLRCs behavioral health and prevention services throughout the Upper Peninsula.

The medical beds will make a valuable addition to services in Marquette, as they will be put into service as a component of a GLRC/MGHS partnership, with support from the NorthCare Network, to start a new ambulatory detoxification program.

Ambulatory (or social) detox is a program where adults, who enter the medical system under the influence of a substance, are, once medically stable, transferred to a GLRC residence to recover, rather than remaining in a medical setting.

This program allows GLRC to admit those patients who do not need access to acute care, but do need safety and monitoring provided by substance abuse specialists who can intervene and transition them into a treatment program for ongoing care.

Greg Toutant, executive director

Great Lakes Recovery Centers