Column challenged

To the Journal editor:

Mining Journal Staff Writer’s Jackie Starks’ column of March 29 misses the point. The Hobby Lobby case is not about contraception rights. It is about the First Amendment. The First Amendment is about religious liberty and right of conscience.

The separation of church and state also means the government shall not get involved in ones religious views and right of conscience. It is a two way street.

This case is about government getting involved in ones beliefs and conscience. This is no different than someone refusing military service because they are an objector. People may not like what Hobby Lobby believes, but it is their right. Liberals don’t like this because it goes against their agenda.

We must also remember corporations foot the bill for their employee’s health care. They should have the right to determine what kind of coverage the want. I’ve had changes in my coverage I didn’t like.

I have two choices, put up with it or find a job with better coverage. If a corporation take ones dental plan away is that a violation of the Constitution.

Shouldn’t everyone have dental after all I have a right to eat. Should companies be forced to pay for contraceptives if 90 percent of their employees are over 50. Conservatives also have rights under the Constitution too. I am not a conservative. I believe in the Constitution and sometimes it hard to accept some things.

If this case is goes against Hobby Lobby our Constitution isn’t worth the paper it is written on. I wonder if this was a Islamic owned company would there be a fuss ? How come there was no fuss over contraception until Obamacare?

This is just another liberal spin job.

Hobby Lobby owners are not pushing their religion on their employees or telling them they can’t use contraceptives.

They are saying they don’t want to have it in their coverage.

Mark Sadak