Water wonders

To the Journal editor:

There has been a lot of interest in water lately, concerns like, where does it go? I would have thought some sort of tracer in Martin Lake and track where it go.

Water guys put trace elements in the secret mix of fracking juice to see if it turns up in wells. And if you knew what the secret was, would you feel good for future generations? 1 think its some sort of Ice 9 that will likely come back to haunt.

Out on Sands Plains, there’s a little rock quarry where I taught my little girls to swim and the water level is the same now as back when. I’m a Pisces, not a hydrologist but doesn’t water seek its own level? Gravity?

And if you were to put some sort of flow meter at water choke points,wouldn’t that tell you something? These water guys know how much water goes over Niagara falls and how much goes through the Soo and the St. Mary’s River.

A little bobber dropped off a bridge at Little Trout Lake takes 20 seconds to travel about 20 feet and the water size, about 6 inches deep and 6 foot wide. There’s 7.48 gallons per cubic foot I do believe. Now the flow at the bridge on Voodoo is beyond my bobber test.

Need the flow pros for this job, if only we could get a flow grant. Somebody once told me that if your constantly having water problems, your not going with the flow of life. A little pitch and awwwaaay we flow.

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer