Thieves called out

To the Journal editor:

On Oct. 29, a small North Country Trail Crew met at the Tourist Park Trail Head for the North Country National Scenic Trail and the Noquemenon Trail north of the Dead River Bridge off of Marquette County Road 550.

Upon entering the parking lot, I noticed that our 30-foot-wide, brown and white “North Country National Scenic Trail” sign was missing from the posts.

This is the second sign that we have had stolen in the past two years, the other along the trail at Wetmore Landing.

Although the thief or thieves probably don’t bother to read the paper, I wonder if they realize that the North Country Trail is built, maintained, promoted and protected by a non-profit, volunteer organization and that most of our members and volunteers are retirees, in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Our membership dues and our private donations of time and money is what put those signs in place to identify this fantastic trail and make it easier for hikers to use.

We are passionate about this trail and wonder what the motivation of the thieves is. Is there a “why” that led you to think you had the right to take our sign?

I’m sure you have some friends or family who know you have our sign. I only hope they have the moral courage to turn you in to the city of Marquette Police Department.

Lorana Jinkerson

Chapter president

North Country Trail Hikers