More Rocky info

To the Journal editor:

Several two weeks ago, I was excited to see an article featuring the Rocky Horror Show at the Vista Theater in Negaunee presented by the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council.

The Mining Journal is good about giving quality time to all the local theater groups and that’s great. But, printing a color photo and an article about Rocky Horror? I was thrilled. However, after reading the article I was shocked that some vital information was missing. My hope is that you will now share these facts with your readers.

First, this marks the 13th year this annual event has been held. That could have been a clever by-line for the article. Regardless, no other local or regional theater group has done a production for that many years.

The last, I believe, was the local favorite, and much missed, 26 productions of Scrooge at the Forest Roberts Theatre on the campus of Northern Michigan University, but that is for another article.

Second, PAAC was the first regional community theater to get the rights for the Rocky Horror Show in the Mid-west. That is impressive and note worthy. Without community regional and business support the show would not continue to be produced.

Last, but not least. Bobby Glenn Brown is synonymous with the local production of this show, the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and a major reason people continue to go see it year after year.

He has portrayed the same character for 10 years and yet he was not mentioned. He is too important in my eyes to be forgotten. I hope he does it for another 10 and I imagine PAAC does too!

I encourage everyone to go see the show, to support the Vista, and to participate in Rocky Horror for yourself. Wait until you experience all that Mr. Brown brings to it. You’ll be glad you did.

Tim Curry and Tom Hewitt would be proud.

Don’t dream it. Be it.

Don Roberts