City manager OK

To the Journal editor:

I take respectful exception to the letter to the editor by John Markes of Oct. 26. I’m not a Marquette resident, but I am a native and a frequent visitor. I suppose I could be considered one of the casual political observers he wrote about.

Mr. Markes also refers to City Manager Bill Vajda as imported, and a czar. Mr. Vajda is a fellow 1980 graduate of Marquette Senior High School, and he spent many years growing up in Marquette.

I would hardly consider one who left the area in pursuit of their career-and returned once firmly established-as imported. In his short time as city manager, Bill has proven to be very capable of managing Marquette and even to this casual political observer Bill’s dedication to the city is evident.

The trucking issue is one that puts leadership between a rock and a hard thing in trying to come up with a resolution that is acceptable to all, and I can only conclude that Mr. Markes’ concerns regarding the issue itself are valid.

But I fail to see how facing tough issues makes a leader a czar. And I truly wish that in my part of the state, we had sity managers who have the passion for their cities that Mr. Vajda has for Marquette.

Mick Enright