Better choices best

To the Journal editor:

I’m completely baffled and confused when it comes to health care and all the funds that filter into it.

The Affordable Health Care Act was developed to help alleviate the problem of too many unfortunate hard working Americans, having no means to acquire or afford health insurance. Also (there are) concerns with taxes verses Medicare and Medicaid.

Only time will tell if Obamacare will even work, but in the meantime, can someone please explain how and why we can afford to build all of these new hospitals and clinics?

During these turbulent times involving health care and the much needed funds keeping it intact?

It’s not like the old buildings aren’t structurally sound, usually being sold and used for different purposes. How can we be struggling and concerned about affording the entire health care system and insurance involved, at the same time having the ability to spend hundreds of millions for constructing shiny new places that house the very concerning issues at hand?.

It creates jobs is the wrong answer, if one can’t even afford to use the new facilities built. It seems too many have more then enough money now for everything “materialistic” (thanks to plastic overtaking real money), yet can turn around and claim not having enough for other urgent bills or services.

It’s easy blaming Washington and the government, considering they, too, take the same route themselves, playing the blame game instead of tackling the tough issues headon.

But the only way anything will eventually get better is if we individually start making much better personal choices on a daily basis and (taking) better care and responsibility when it comes to our own health and wallets in the future.

Joan E. Wiitanen