Campaigning has started in earnest in primary, general

Across Michigan, including here in Northeast Michigan, partisan candidates who will compete in the August primary for the chance to advance to the November general election officially threw their hats in the ring.

As we’ve written before, we’re discouraged to see so few competitive races in the area. In too many races, just one candidate filed to run.

That means that, so long as they vote for themselves, those candidates automatically win their elections and will win the seat in November without ever having to go before voters to make their case.

However, we hope all candidates — even those who don’t need to — will heat the streets between now and Election Day to introduce themselves to voters (and future constituents), to talk about their goals and objectives for elective office, to discuss their policies and why they support those policies, and to answer questions from Northeast Michiganders.

Most candidates in the area raise and spend very little money, if any, on their campaigns.

But pounding the pavement costs nothing more than sweat equity, and we think that ought to be a prerequisite for elective office.

For voters who actually have a choice to make in competitive races, seeing and hearing from the candidates helps them make more informed choices.

But, even for candidates not in competitive races, talking to voters will make them better public servants.

They’ll know more about what life is like for their constituents, their needs and wants, and that should help them cast more informed and representative votes once they get sworn into office.

Candidates, don’t take us for granted.

Earn our votes. Even if you don’t need them.


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