Ishpeming survey takes temperature of city

City officials and a handful of residents participated in a review of a city-wide survey recently, focusing on what people liked and disliked in Ishpeming.

Ishpeming, like a lot of other similar places around the country, stage these surveys from time to time to better understand where the problems are.

City officials involved in the review included Mayor Jason Chapman, City Manager Craig Cugini and councilor Lindsay Bean. Siren CEO Adela Piper (public relations) was also in attendance and led the session.

Almost predictably, responses from the 434 people who participated (including 420 city residents) ran in all directions.

Here is a small smapling of what people had to say, taken from The Mining Journal story on the issue:

One survey question asked residents and businesses what appeals to them about the city. The top three answers were the small-town atmosphere, trail systems and sense of community.

One response said what appeals to them about the city is “business and residents that take pride in our town.”

“Safe place to raise a family. Larger homes for half the cost of Marquette,” another response said. “Easy drive to Marquette or Negaunee for work and play.”

But several residents and businesses said nothing about the city is appealing.

“My only option,” one response said. “Rent is insane everywhere. No stores nearby besides groceries or gas station and there are almost zero activities nearby besides hikes or bars.”

The survey also asked residents and businesses what could be improved about the city. The top three answers were dining options, infrastructure and shopping options.

Some responses called for improved safety, such as additional consequences for drug deals in the city and to “tear down houses which have had meth busts.”

Others with small children said they’d like to see continued growth with outdoor recreation options.

To some, all of this seems like the height of futility, accomplishing little more than giving people an opportunity to blow off steam.

We respectfully disagree. We see nothing wrong with taking the temperature of residents and visitors and staying abreast of what people what and do not want.

Ishpeming officials should chalk it up to a growing experience, which, of course, always includes a bit of pain.


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