Opioid settlement funds to assist local abatement efforts

Marquette County, along with a great many other counties and municipalities nationwide, have an opportunity to get ahead of any future drug problem curve locally.

That’s because the county, and many others, have received official notice that a lawsuit it was a party to relative to the opioid pandemic will result in something of a payday.

Marquette County will receive $1.9 million from an estimated $26 billion national settlement with just four of the numerous defendants named in Marquette County’s lawsuit.

Litigation with other defendants continues at this writing and will likely produce additional monies.

The master settlement agreement requires monies to be used for a variety of abatement measures approved by the U.S. District Court in Cleveland, a Mining Journal story on the matter detailed.

Developed in consultation with the nation’s leading public health experts, the list of preapproved uses includes a wide range of intervention, treatment, education and recovery services so that state and local governments can decide what will best serve their communities.

It is anticipated that entire communities will benefit from the effects of the opioid-remediation efforts funded by the settlements and the injunctive relief the settlements provide, the Journal states.

This is a silver lining to what has been and is a very dark cloud. While $1.9 million won’t solve all of the problems locally relating to opioid use and abuse, it’s a start. We trust Marquette County will spend the money wisely.


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