Unicyclist supports Beacon House in an unusual way

After you’ve broken numerous bones in your body after getting run over by a car while hiding in a leaf pile, you’re fortunate if you can even walk again, much less ride a unicycle.

And much less ride a unicycle from Wisconsin to Arizona.

However, that’s what 20-year-old Peter Frank, whose hometown is Escanaba, is doing.

His goal is to raise money for the Steve Mariucci Family Beacon House in Marquette, where families of local medical patients can stay while their loved ones are being treated.

When Frank was recuperating from his injuries in Marquette, the fact that Beacon House existed made it much easier for his family.

Obviously, he wants others to know that same feeling, so he’s giving back to the Beacon House.

Of course, taking on such a long trip on a unicycle isn’t easy. In a Sept. 1 Facebook post, he mentioned he broke two unicycle spokes, which he suspects was due to the Oklahoma roads.

“It was like trying to drive a car on the rumble strips they put on the side of the road to keep you alert at night,” Frank wrote.

However, he’s met what appears to be some pretty wonderful, supportive people along the way.

Frank wants to raise $100,000 for the Beacon House, so even if people can’t meet him in person, they can support the facility that means so much to him.

To donate to Frank’s cause and see all his social media links, visit www.whereispeterfrank.com. You also can keep track of his progress here.

“I chose a unicycle to make the statement that as people, we’re so much stronger than what we’re led to believe,” he said on his website. “I’ve also decided to challenge my diet with veganism before I began my adventure.

“Challenge yourself, it’s beautiful on the other side.”


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