NMU worker recognized for service to veterans

We have not hesitated in the past to use this space to call to the attention of our readers the many good works that take place in our community.

Sometimes the people featured here are volunteers, often laboring behind the scenes, providing essential services of one sort or another.

On other occasions, it’s been public servants, employees who go above and beyond in their duties.

Today, we have the pleasure of underscoring the contributions of a Northern Michigan University employee who was recently recognized for his work with veterans.

Harger Boal, coordinator of Disability Services at Northern Michigan University, has received a Director’s Challenge Coin from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency for his service to veterans at NMU in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In nominating Boal for the honor, NMU Veterans’ Services Coordinator Mike Rutledge said the shift to 100% online instruction when the pandemic took hold in March 2020 was challenging for many veterans, an NMU press release notes. Some had not been in a regular classroom for several years, and had to suddenly adjust to a virtual learning environment.

“Harger, realizing veterans often have undisclosed disabilities due to PTSD, TBI, etc., offered his services to any veteran who was struggling with the online teaching model,” Rutledge wrote. “He directed me to many ‘open market’ tools to share with the student-veterans, but also offered services to veterans without having any proof of diagnosed disability.”

While NMU is brimming with outstanding employees doing a wide variety of jobs, we believe Boal is special, given his service to veterans during this critical time.

We applaud him for his work and hope he continues for many years to come at NMU.


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