North Third Street project will be boon to city, area

We suspect Mining Journal readers were pleased Saturday to learn details of the construction project that’s been ongoing on the north end of North Third Street for the past couple of months.

The work on the former Valle’s Village Market has had people buzzing locally.

And for good reason. There’s a lot going on with the building, which once housed a grocery outlet.

New construction, improvements of what was already there, nearby food trucks, you name it.

“It’s taking a vacant building, obviously, that was an eyesore and not paying any in taxes –or very little in taxes — and converting it into a place where there is going to be seven new businesses and employing up to–I think we figured– 70 people,” said Joe Constance, owner of Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery– and of the complex under reconstruction.

Constance plans for five businesses to open this fall alongside the two food trucks already operating at that location.

The building will have a patio adjacent to the parking lot. Individual business doors will be accessible from the patio, where people can lounge and possibly enjoy live outdoor music, indulge in baked goods from the Peace Pie Company, or enjoy a cold beer from Cognition Brewing Company.

As a former local politician and longtime businessman, Constance enjoys an excellent reputation in these parts.

From where we sit, he’s he right guy at the right time to make this project a success.


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