Dad’s day a time to honor other half of parental team

This won’t be the busiest weekend of the year at florist shops and candy might not sell out at confectioneries.

Because it’s moms who get flowers and bon-bons for their special day in May.

But we hope that dads get some much deserved appreciation on Father’s Day Sunday.

Yes, we acknowledge some fathers are unfit. Some are even nightmares.

But most dads are wonderful to their children and are sometimes overlooked for the many things they do for their families.

The stereotype of the guy at the backyard grill with the Kiss The Cook apron on has long been a widely conveyed image for Father’s Day advertising.

That guy is around, for sure, but we know the variety of dads out there is vast.

Some play ball with their kids even though they have come home from a long day at work.

Some sit through endless clarinet practice, fearing perhaps their ear drums will shatter.

Others make sure to find time to tuck their kids in and read a story or two.

Dads try to teach their children the important lessons in life. Often, their devotion is quietly presented, but it’s there.

We hope that dads are honored by their families on Sunday by doing something that particular pop will enjoy. Even a phone call or a Zoom session can do the job of showing dad he matters to his family even though they are separated by distance.

It might not be flowers and chocolate, but it’s a sweet idea nonetheless.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fabulous fathers out there.


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