New Longtine book a look back at local history

As much as anything, the greater Marquette area’s history is tied to water, specifically Lake Superior.

The big lake offered transportation, food and recreation to the earliest white settlers, as it always had to Native Americans.

With all of that and much more in mind, local author Sonny Longtine has penned “Marquette: A Waterfront Renaissance,” which showcases the city’s 10 miles of shoreline through historical facts, stunning photography and more.

Longtine is well familiar to local readers. He’s authored a series of books on the region including but not limited to “U.P. People: Incredible Stories about Incredible People;” “Marquette: Then and Now;” and perhaps his most popular, “Murder in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

In a Mining Journal story on all of this, Longtine said he spent hours perusing the lakeshore to get photography for the book. Along with the photos Longtine took, the book also features photography from Jack Deo of Superior View Studio, along with historical photography provided by the Marquette Regional History Center.

The book talks about many facets of the waterfront’s history including the lower harbor ore dock, the historic Upfront & Company building, McCarty’s Cove and the U.S. Coast Guard station, among other examples, the Journal story stated.

We recommend anyone interested in local history give this book a chance. Longtine has proven himself an excellent writer and researcher many times in the past.

We don’t doubt his latest work will be just as good.


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