Veterans can be honored locally with brick purchased

Here’s a great way to show veterans you appreciate their individual and group sacrifices while adding to an existing memorial.

The Marquette Veterans Memorial in Harlow Park is locally well known as a place of reflection and solitude.

The memorial itself was dedicated on Veterans Day in 2002 for all veterans regardless of military era or branch of service.

Today, more than 1,800 veterans with ties to the Marquette area are honored with their names inscribed on paving bricks. And it’s these memorial paving bricks which are added to the memorial each year.

Veterans can be honored by a donation of $50 for a brick with two lines or $65 for three lines.

A press release, in part, noted, “The valiant sacrifices of these veterans established and preserved democracy in the United States and defeated tyranny abroad. Their service during peace and war has made possible the freedoms and prosperity Americans enjoy and extended democratic values throughout the world.”

Applications are due by March 31. New bricks will be dedicated on July 4 if health regulations permit outdoor gatherings.

Visit www.superiorfishing.net to see pictures or download an application. Applications are also available at Range Bank, 250 N. McClellan Ave., Marquette.

We recommend readers with special veterans in mind consider this. It’s not a lot of money and it will memorialize in a unique way the sacrifices these veterans have made.


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