UPHS-Marquette reports new scam, ‘spoofing’ in area

The experts call it phone spoofing, when, through the use of technology, third parties make it appear that the call they are placing is coming from a local number and entity.

Spoofing is among the latest techniques used by flimflammers to bilk people out of their money and/or personal information, which is almost as good as money.

Now, officials at UP Health System-Marquette are out with word that scammers are using the hospital name and telephone number in contacting an unknown number of local residents, apparently demanding cash and information.

A press release from the facility notes they are working with the appropriate groups to bring this to an end, although these scams are difficult to trace and unwind.

In the meantime, please remember: Most reputable organizations will not call you at inappropriate hours. UP Health System-Marquette will never place calls to patients before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m., or anytime that the patient says is inconvenient to receive calls.

No one from UP Health System will call and request personal information related to credit scores over the phone. Nor would they try to sell you any products such as durable medical equipment or insurance plans.

The release said if calls, emails, or text messages are received from someone claiming to be with UP Health System-Marquette or any organization that seems suspicious, hang up and call back the appropriate department of that organization to ensure the caller’s identity is valid.

We agree. Don’t give out personal information under any of these circumstances. Play it safe. Don’t be victimized.


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