Michigan on right track in online COVID dashboard

Thomas Jefferson was fond of using the phrase, “knowledge is power” in his correspondence.

Historical researchers have found the term used on at least four occasions in Jefferson’s writings, although many believe Sir Francis Bacon originated it well over a century before.

With that in mind, the state of Michigan is on the right track in establishing an online computer dashboard to support businesses in battling COVID-19.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA), under what’s known as its Ambassador program offers education and one-on-one guidance to help businesses understand regulations on workplace safety, a state press release notes.

Since the onset of the pandemic, through MIOSHA’s outreach and education, the agency is seeing strong implementation of mitigation measures and has provided consultation to thousands of Michigan employers. The dashboard, which will be updated at 3 every Friday afternoon, is expecied to enhance and expand those efforts.

At Michigan.gov/ COVIDWorkplaceSafety, an employer can find resources to keep their business safe including employee and customer factsheets, educational videos, a sample COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, best practices that employees need to follow and a reopening checklist to help put safeguards in place.

This is a solid, common-sense effort that will help businesses in Michigan stay safe and open.

We suggest business owners and managers investigate.


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