Tech support available through Peter White Public Library

The pandemic has revealed a great deal about our society that we either didn’t know beforehand or did know but ignored.

Chief among these is our increasing dependence on the Internet from home, where millions of students — including thousands from Superiorland — attended virtual classes for months on end.

Large numbers of people worked from home in many different capacities, again via the Internet.

And residents took advantage of the web to shop for everything from games to groceries.

Put another way, the web is important and it’s here to stay. It’s best if people find a way to make it work for them.

That brings us to equipment, computers principally but mobile devices, too, including cell phones and tablets. Those have to be in good working order which can be a tall order for a lot of less-than-computer-literate people.

A program from the Peter White Public Library and members of Northern Michigan University’s Student Cybersecurity Association can help.

NMU students will assist library patrons with apps, laptops, tablets, phones, email or other digital devices.

Each Tuesday, March 2 to April 20 from 5-6 p.m. via the Zoom app, help will be available.

Contact the PWPL Reference Desk at 906-226-4312 or refdesk@pwpl.info for more information. Join the meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89468883812?pwd=S2d0Nk1xUDFpSDBJNDhxUzNVbmpuUT09

Meeting ID: 894 6888 3812

Passcode: 611199

It’s a great way to use technology to share technology. We highly recommend local residents avail themselves and their pokey computers and phones.


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