Marquette County Days of Caring a commendable community effort

Looking for a way to give back and connect with the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic? The United Way is introducing Marquette County Days of Caring, which kicks off Monday. The five-day event offers five ways to volunteer, give back and work toward a stronger community while maintaining COVID-19 precautions.

“Join us as we re-imagine the largest day of caring and volunteering in the U.P. during the time of social distancing,” organizers said on the United Way of Marquette County web site. “While the COVID-19 pandemic means we cannot mobilize large, in-person volunteer groups as we would like, we recognize the community’s need for connection and support in these times.”

Each day has a particular theme that encourages area residents to focus on a specific way of giving back, volunteering or getting involved.

According to organizers, the schedule is as follows:

≤ Monday: Take Action Day. Donate to a supply drive or sign up with the Yoopers United volunteer network at https://uwmqt.galaxydigital.com/.

≤ Tuesday: Education Day. Support a young person as a mentor, test your hidden biases, share what you learn with your network.

≤ Wednesday: Advocacy Day. Register to vote, write an email to Congress, or share your story with #WhyIGiveWednesday.

≤ Thursday: Help a Neighbor Day. Call to check in on your neighbor or lend a hand with yard work for a neighbor in need.

≤ Friday: Commitment and Give Day. Keep this good thing going with a donation and a long-term volunteer commitment.

This program is an excellent way to encourage the community to engage in a wide range of activities that will make a difference.

We encourage area residents to participate in at least one activity during the Days of Caring, as even spending a few minutes volunteering, donating, mentoring, advocating can make a lasting difference. And it might even inspire a lifelong commitment and interest in volunteering, donating or advocating.

Follow United Way on Facebook for updates, locations and ways to take part or visit https://uwmqt.galaxydigital.com/5-days-5-way-days-for-caring/ for more details and specific suggestions.


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