Return of NMU students going to be different

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the Marquette County Health Department is asking local residents to be extra mindful, cautious and considerate in terms of spreading COVID-19 now that students are starting to come back to Northern Michigan University.

Because virus cases have continued to rise here and elsewhere in recent weeks, the agency has been working closely with university officials in anticipation of the students’ return.

That’s smart.

“To protect our vulnerable populations, please consider limiting travel (local and distant), reducing the number of people encountered, maintaining physical distancing and to wear a mask in public,” a recent health department press release intoned. “Likewise, high risk individuals should stay vigilant and continue to practice standard precautionary measures to prevent becoming infected by the virus.”

All good advice.

If Mining Journal readers are typical of local residents, the return of the NMU student population is always welcome. The town, sleepy and laid back during the summer months, comes alive with this annual massive infusion of young people.

It’s no stretch to say this ritual is one of many things that makes the greater Marquette area the great place it is to live.

That said, this particular fall, like this summer, the spring and previous winter, is going to be a little different — because of COVID-19.

Let’s simply make the best of a challenging situation and remember, always wear your masks.


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