Parade, reaching out to residents is commendable idea

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the state in March, residents have been battling the virus for nearly six months now.

During these long months, many of us have faced previously unimaginable challenges, losses and hardships.

Beyond that, many of us have faced some degree of isolation from our loved ones.

And for residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it’s been a particularly challenging time.

These residents and facilities have largely been isolated amid the pandemic, as they can be especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

However, local facilities have found some creative ways to make the best out of the situation, as evidenced in a Thursday Journal article by Ryan Spitza, who detailed the heartwarming impact of a Tuesday car parade at the Marquette County Medical Care Facility in Ishpeming.

Family members and friends of residents, in addition to well-wishers from the community, participated in the parade on Tuesday, with many people decorating their cars and making signs for residents sitting or standing on the sidewalk to enjoy.

The parade was a highlight of the summer for the facility’s residents, organizers said in the article.

“They love it,” MCMCF administrator Jerry Hubbard told the Journal. “Because of the lockdown, our visits are limited to window visits or FaceTime visits, which aren’t very satisfying. This gives them a chance to get outside and see their families and see them in an atmosphere of everyone having a good time.”

We commend the facility and all the parade’s participants for their creative thinking and warm hearts.

This is a wonderful example of how we can band together and make a difference for people who are largely isolated.

We also encourage readers to think about a safe way they could reach out to someone who might be isolated amid the pandemic, especially those who are living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Whether it’s arranging for a drive-by parade, sending a card, dropping off a gift, making a piece of art, setting up a video chat or anything else you can dream up, it’ll be sure to brighten their day.

Kindness and connection can make all the difference, especially during these challenging times.


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