Glendon resignation a real loss to Marquette district

There’s an old saw that holds, approximately, “There are few jobs more thankless than serving on a local school board.”

The good people who volunteer to stand for election subject themselves and their families to a wide variety of harassments and abuses concerning the public education of children.

And as time has passed, more and more the school districts — starting with teachers and others associated with classrooms but certainly include school board members — are expected to play the role of pseudo-parents.

Now, add the more recent political polarization that has gripped this nation and what some might argue has been the unhealthy role social media plays, and all of the above is magnified many times over.

Now, let’s talk about Keith Glendon. A trustee of the Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education, Glendon submitted his letter of resignation Monday to MAPS Superintendent Bill Saunders and MAPS board President Rich Rossway. It was effective immediately.

Given all of the developments of the past six months, Glendon said in the missive, an increased focus on his wife and children, his health and his employees and clients is needed.

“On personal reflection over recent weeks, I have determined it’s in the best interest of my family and my business I prioritize these elements of my life,” he wrote.

Glendon recently started Campfire CoWorks in the former Ampersand Coworking space along West Washington Street in Marquette. He also is founder and CEO of the technology company LucidCoast.

He didn’t say more publicly about why he stepped down. Certainly, as we have observed, sitting on a school board isn’t easy.

This is a real loss to the Marquette schools. By all accounts, Glendon was an asset to the board, the exact kind of district resident that school boards love to have.

We respect his decision and wish him well.


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