Construction of new Beacon House is launched

Groundbreakings by their very nature suggest a beginning, a starting point beyond which the participants haven’t ventured.

And while that might have been technically true of the ceremony Friday that launched construction of the new Beacon House in Marquette, rest assured visitors to Marquette’s regional medical center have been well served for many years by the hospitality house.

Here are a handful of statistics that appeared in Mining Journal coverage of the event which underscore that fact:

Since its inception in 2002, Beacon House has provided 324,739 overnight stays for people from the U.P. and Wisconsin. The organization has counted 5,155 cardiovascular patients, 3,297 neuro/brain/spine patients, 1,980 orthopedic or surgical patients, 3,874 in connection with the intensive care unit or emergency department, 1,315 specialty clinic patients, 1,985 stays related to the neonatal intensive care unit or obstetrics, 2,013 related to oncology, and 1,618 magnetic resonance imaging or test patients.

It is estimated that Beacon House has saved families $64 million in lodging and meal costs, the release states.

This new facility, valued at more than $5.4 million, will continue that good work.

“Today marked the beginning of a new journey to help our U.P. neighbors in times of medical crisis,” said Steve Mariucci, former NFL coach after whom the facility is named. “This new Beacon House is going to be a home away from home for patients and families for many years to come, and my family is very proud to be a part of something so supportive and enduring.”

Fundraising continues. If you’d like to donate, visit www.upbeaconhouse.org or email mary@upbeaconhouse.org.


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