Rep. Bergman helping to honor first responders, others

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman is on the right track in his introduction of legislation that would honor first responders and the many others who have done so much honorable duty during this pandemic.

The measure, which is bipartisan, is titled Coronavirus Front-line Responders Commemorative Coin Act. Co-sponsor U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse is a Democrat from Colorado. Bergman, of course, is a member of the Republican Party.

There’s a twist to this legislative story, however. When the measure is passed and signed into law, which we expect it will be, coins will be minted to honor the health care professionals, first responders, scientists, researchers, individuals who provided care and services during the coronavirus pandemic, and all front-line workers.

Surcharges from coin sales will go to the CDC Foundation to support the health care response to infectious diseases and pandemics, a press release from Bergman states.

“In the First District and across the nation, our medical professionals, first responders, and all of our front-line workers have been working hard to protect our families and reopen our economy,” Bergman stated in the release. “Minting coins to commemorate and honor our heroes is a time-honored tradition in the United States. This legislation is just another small way to say thank you for the selfless service shown through these trying times.”

Bergman noted that the bill would come at no net cost to the taxpayer, and surcharges from coin sales–after covering the cost of minting and marketing — would be given to the CDC Foundation to support the health care response to infectious diseases and pandemics.

The coin would be issued in 2022, which is the next available date for a coin to be minted.

We like this for all the obvious reasons, but especially because the coins will make permanent, in an unusual way, the honors bestowed on the first responders and others.

We congratulate Bergman for getting involved in this bipartisan effort.


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