Great to see area business starting to reopen

It’s a wonderful thing to see more local businesses starting to come back to life. And we remind our readers that a most important factor in these re-openings is support from the community.

So as always, shop local.

We are proud of the businesses which were able to keep going through this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many offering take-out, curbside or delivery to the local area.

Gradually, more small businesses are opening, like Velodrome Coffee Company, Babycakes Muffin Company and Forsberg’s… A New Leaf. The rules for purchasing from these places may be different from what customers are used to, but these changes are for safety’s sake so we hope those visiting these businesses follow what’s asked of them.

Keep in mind the challenges small business owners have faced throughout the pandemic.

“Remember to be a little more patient with the small business if they’re opening,” Forsberg’s… A New Leaf owner Sarah Balding said in a recent Mining Journal story. “It’s hard to have that rush all at once because you’ve been so excited that it’s going to open but at the same time you’re so scared that you’re not going to be able to do like you used to do. It’s a very hard game to play right now. The business owners are trying to do the best they can.”

As Velodrome co-owner Brice Sturmer said in the story: “I think our commitment lies to the safety of our customers and staff. It’s a very (much an) ever-changing situation, so however we need to proceed, we’re just going to be very mindful of safety first and money second. But we feel confident that our community is awesome and will support us.”

We believe Sturmer’s faith in the community is well placed. We encourage everyone to show as much support as they can as our local businesses re-emerge from the COVID-19 situation.

Remember, we truly are in this together.


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