Brookridge employees recognized for great work during crisis

First responders and workers on the frontlines at hospitals, clinics, assisted living communities, nursing homes and other caregiving facilities are facing tremendous challenges right now.

They are confronted with the absolutely enormous, exhausting and essential task of protecting themselves, their coworkers, those they care for, their families and their communities from COVID-19, each and every day.

This involves long hours, countless extra precautions, protocols and procedures, and undoubtedly, some added stress, grief and worry.

This means it’s more important than ever for employers of these workers and the community at large to show their support for those who work as first responders or at hospitals, clinics, assisted living communities, nursing homes and other caregiving facilities.

One example of this can be found at Brookridge Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care in Marquette, where the management and the community alike have made efforts to show workers they are appreciated, a recent Journal article reported.

This ranges from community donations — Masks for Marquette donated homemade fabric masks for staffers, Marquette Area Public Schools donated face shields, and several groups and individuals delivered food and snacks — to staff appreciation events held by the management at Brookridge Heights.

“The staff of Brookridge Heights continuously amazes me with their dedication and commitment to our residents and their quality of care,” Brookridge Heights Executive Director Jennifer Huetter said in the article. “During this time, we have many staff appreciation events, such as meals and goodies for staff and fun dress-up days to boost morale and spirits during this trying time. In addition to that, Brookridge has posted a banner on our building thanking our ‘Brookridge Heroes’ for all the work they are doing.”

We are glad to see employers and the community stepping up to support these workers and encourage others to show their support for frontline workers in any way possible, whether its a donation of personal protective equipment, a meal, a listening ear, or even just taking the time to say “thank you.”

We commend these workers for their sacrifices, their bravery and their commitment to caring for those who need it most.

As a community and a society, we would not be successful in this fight without your dedication and bravery.


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