Voters in Gwinn should approve Tuesday’s millage

For the third time in less than 12 months, Gwinn Area Community Schools residents will go to the polls Tuesday to consider a sinking fund millage request.

On two previous occasions — in May and August — voters turned back sinking fund requests and school officials hope the third time will be a charm.

So do we.

This time around, school officials have lowered their sights, in terms of what they’re asking for. Tuesday’s ballot proposal will ask for 1.5 mills for four years. On the two previous occasions that failed, the district asked for 1.75 mills for 10 years.

“The amount of years has been reduced from 10 down to four,” Superintendent Sandra Petrovich said for a Mining Journal story on the matter. “And I believe that the board has earnestly looked at developing that relationship of trust with the residents in the district, looking at a length of four years so that we can provide transparency reporting to the voters, to the residents, over that period of four years of how we spend the funds if they entrust those funds to us coming up on Tuesday.”

If passed, the millage would create a sinking fund for things such as construction or repair of school buildings, school security improvements, the acquisition or upgrading of technology, and the purchase of real estate for sites for school buildings, the Journal story detailed

It’s estimated the school district would collect $436,296 in revenue per year if the millage is approved and levied this year. On a home with a taxable value of $50,000, it’s estimated the millage would cost 21 cents per day.

Going into Tuesday, we believe school officials have done their part. Clearly, the district — actually no, the students — need this financial shot in the arm to maintain a viable system.

We truly hope Gwinn school district voters agree and vote with not only their heads but their hearts.


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