Unscrupulous online activity taking advantage of virus

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that hucksters, scammers and undesirable others are using the misery that is the coronavirus to turn an illicit buck — at the public’s expense, of course.

According to a federal report, the internet is being used to market treatments and cures for the virus, which is responsible for shutting down a good portion of peoples’ daily lives across the country, including right here in Superiorland.

“There is no current medicine to treat or prevent Coronavirus,” U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, said in a Detroit Free Press story Monday.

Warning the public to be suspicious of COVID-19 “test kits” sold on the internet, Schneider said, “Everyone in Michigan needs to be alert to scammers who will use this crisis to take advantage of us. Coronavirus tests will come from medical professionals, government officials, and reputable sources.”

Federal law enforcement is on high alert for such scams. Anyone who runs into one of these online scams should contact law enforcement.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can be reached at http://www.cdc.gov

We’d equate these people on a par with price gougers and similar opportunists. The full measure of the law should be brought to bear if any of them are caught.


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