Hearts of Hope is showing the love locally

These are indeed stressful days as the world deals with an unprecedented in modern times pandemic and people who are able are isolating themselves for the greater good.

But there are glimmers of light everywhere, including on Facebook. That’s where three women started a group called Hearts of Hope-Marquette County, which in its first day of existence, had nearly 800 members join and as of this morning, was at 2,425 members.

“We wanted to start a fun activity for families or anyone to get out of their homes to take a ride. Keeping social distancing in mind, decorate your front door, your front window, all your windows, whatever you want with hearts! Bring some love into our world and join in!! Make a game out of it to see how many houses you can find,” reads a post by Denise Alderton-Bannan, one of the administrators along with Jenna Luoma and Jaimie Mager.

The idea, then, is for people to put up hearts or other decorations in their windows or on their door to show a little bit of love.

Others then walk or drive around — following social distancing protocol, of course — to count the number of houses are taking part.

It’s a great counting exercise for kids as well as a chance to show the youngsters they are not alone in what they’re experiencing.

It may seem a simple thing, but in the continuing period of “Stay Home, Stay Safe” as ordered by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it’s a fun way to do something a little different and to remember we are all in this together.

To join the group, find Hearts of Hope-Marquette County on Facebook. And even if you don’t take that step, show a little love with a heart on display wherever you’re spending this period of social distancing.

Let’s show we are all Yooper Strong.


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