Great deal of community service seen amid virus crisis

It’s easy to become depressed by current events. The coronavirus has killed many thousands worldwide and certainly will kill many thousands more before it’s done. Its ultimate impact in the United States, at this writing, is unclear.

Media, national, statewide and local, have correctly focused on the official response to the virus but within that reporting, it becomes difficult, we believe, to see the positive stories that are out there.

Just one of those positive stories can be seen on the front page of today’s Mining Journal, which details the efforts of local citizens to make surgical masks for health care providers. These are people who are receiving nothing for their efforts other than the satisfaction of accomplishing significant community service at a time when their community needs them the most.

It’s our understanding that hundreds of these surgical masks have already been made and you can bet that hundreds more will follow as matters unfold locally.

We salute these people who, along with others who are helping provide food, education and childcare, to name but a few areas, because of the coronavirus’ impact on people and businesses locally.

We give quiet thanks for your efforts and we sincerely hope this writing helps underscore your accomplishments.

We are, all of us, in this together.


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