For safety’s sake, always manage snow wisely

With the monstrous dump of snow the region received in recent days and weeks, residents have been pressed into the snow management business en mass. And with it, the Michigan Department of Transportation is reminding residents to keep a handful of simple guidelines in mind when plowing and shoveling.

They include:

≤ Piling or depositing snow that obstructs vision is a violation of Michigan’s Vehicle Code.

≤ Piling snow at the ends of driveways along highway shoulders and pushing snow across roads can create hazardous conditions.

≤ Keeping sidewalks clear is important to help people walk safely and access public transit.

“Growing piles of snow make it difficult for drivers to make sure it’s safe to pull out onto the highway, and tough for drivers to see other vehicles waiting to pull out,” State Transportation Director Paul C. Ajegba, said in a press release. “Our crews work to keep the shoulders clear and knock down snowbanks at intersections for motorist safety, and residents and business owners need to do the same at their driveways.”

Trails of snow left on the pavement while plowing across the road also can cause problems. The snow can become packed and create ridges on the road, or, as temperatures change, the area can become icy, the pressw release states

“Careless plowing creates an added hazard to unsuspecting motorists and plow drivers,” Ajegba said.

We’d file all of the above under common sense, something people occasionally suspend when managing snow.