Public’s assistance needed in solving local cold case

By now, many of us have seen at least one episode of the television program “Cold Case Files,” a show that ran on the A&E Network for nearly two decades and continues in syndication.

If you want to talk about a tried and true formula, “Cold Case Files” certainly had it. A long-forgotten unsolved case — typically a particularly heinous murder — is resurrected from a police agency’s files and reopened with younger cops in charge. Very often, the original investigators are pressed back into service and commonly, actual family members appear, layering in emotion these stale cases often no longer have much of.

Old evidence invariably turns up new evidence — often with the assistance of new technology — suspects are identified, arrests are made and the case is solved. Roll the credits.

Such is what happens on television. We can only hope a real-life cold case that burst into the headlines last week is settled as neatly and quickly.

According to federal investigators, the remains of U.S Air Force Sgt. Donald Rexroth were found in a wooded area near K.I. Sawyer about two years ago. Rexroth disappeared some 40 years ago without a trace and subsequent investigations into his whereabouts turned up no clues.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations reopened the case, ultimately identifying the remains as those of Rexroth through DNA matching. The fact that investigators believe Rexroth died as a result of foul play gave the matter a sinister underscoring. Very little information beyond these basics was released.

The police and Rexroth’s family need help to solve this case. It’s possible someone in this area knows something. Perhaps the perpetrator or perpetrators said or did something that left a clue that someone noticed.

Are you that person? If you are, contact the AFOSI Tipline at 1-877-246-1453, or submit the tip anonymously online at: https://www.tip411.com/tips/new?alert_group_id=21111.


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